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Windows 10 leak reveals unified Store for desktop and phones

A screenshot of the upcoming Windows 10 Store has been leaked, appearing to show that both Windows Phone and Windows 10 app stores will be unified.

This will mean that those using Windows Phone will be able to install their apps onto their desktop and vice versa. This coincides with a marketing decision taken by the firm to refer to all its Windows 10 devices by a single name.

The image reveals an app for HTC named “Make More Space” – which is designed to alert mobile users if the memory on their handset is dangerously low. The app is listed on what appears to be the Windows 10 Store.

Windows 10 leak

On top of the cross-platform store reveal, the image also suggests that HTC will be designing handsets that will use Windows 10 for phone. It has been rumoured that the manufacturer’s next flagship model will be powered by Windows Phone.

The mobile OS, meanwhile, has been undergoing testing on handsets inside Microsoft, according to Phone Arena. Windows 10 for phone, however, is not expected to see release until at least the middle of 2015.

Microsoft will be showing off a preview of the Windows 10 operating system on 21 January 2015 on the Redmond campus. The event will be streamed live on the web, unlike the technical preview. The OS itself, it is rumoured, will not be released until Autumn.

Microsoft has also promised that every Windows 8 Lumia phone will be upgraded free of charge to Windows 10.