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The Rhyno360 smart suit: As cool as it is clever

I won't feel satisfied until somebody creates a wearable sensor that shows just how devastating it is for me when my girlfriend starts nagging about me playing games on my Xbox all day.

You see, constant nagging increases cortisol levels, leading to some serious issues like diabetes and heart attacks. Nothing to do with the constant sitting in front of the TV.

In the meantime, wearable technology for athletes, doctors or the military keep popping up like mushrooms after a rainy day.

The latest comes from Rhyno360, a two year old start-up focused on wearable tech for athletes.

Rhyno360 has built the conveniently named Rhyno360, a sensor-packed suit designed to help athletes monitor, diagnose and prevent injuries, using relevant information and personalised data.

The suit’s sensors are "strategically placed" to maximise relevant information based on the sport they’re being used for.

The sensitivity of sensors can be modified, meaning athletes can measure everything from simple heartbeats to full blown ballistic impacts.

All hits taken are transformed into electricity, meaning the device/garment never has to be recharged.

It’s made out of carbon fibre shells and light weight inner padding, making it lightweight and adjustable to anybody that wears it. And let's be honest, it looks pretty cool.

The sensors measure the time, duration, location and magnitude collectively from the points of impact. Upon collision, sensors generate an electrical charge in response to the mechanical stimuli. This in turn, generates a signal received by a mobile device or computer.

Sensors are inherently capable of fine-tuning to level of sensitivity and multitude of time, it says on the Rhyno360 website.

And I’m still here, waiting for my stress reducing smart shirt. Or should I just use some earplugs?