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Want the perfect night’s sleep? These Hush smart earbuds promise to ‘block out the world’

A new Kickstarter project promises a better night’s sleep using smart earbuds and noise cancelling technology.

Hush can provide a silent environment no matter how much noise is taking place around you, by actively recording and playing opposite sound waves in order to cancel out any potential disturbances.

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The smart earbuds also offer a range of soothing recordings to help the user get to sleep in whichever way suits them best. The device currently boasts 10 different sounds including white noise and rainfall.

However, the team of engineers behind Hush, Daniel “Ewok” Lee, Daniel Synn, and Daniel “Chesong” Lee, are well aware that despite craving a peaceful night’s sleep there are times when you need to be woken up. With that in mind, Hush comes with an accompanying smartphone app, enabling the user to select which notifications are allowed to interrupt their sleep. The alerts and any set alarms will play through the smart earbuds, meaning only the user is disturbed, allowing your partner or roommate to continue sleeping.

The earplugs are capable of playing white noise or any of the other sounds for a full 10 hours before needing to be recharged. The device also comes with a carry case that charges your device automatically and can hold 10 full charges before it needs to be plugged in.

Hush can also play binaural beats, which means that one ear receives noise of a certain pitch, while the other receives a slightly higher sound. Depending on the difference, this can encourage various brain states, making you feel relaxed and calm or alert and awake.

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Anyone struggling to get to sleep may want to check out the Hush Kickstarter page, which has already beaten its $100,000 fundraising goal. A pair of the smart earbuds can currently bbe purchased for $115 (£73), and are expected to ship in May 2015.

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