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Daily deal: Apple iPad Mini 2 with Retina display 16GB £219.90

Apple's surprise hit was scoffed at by commentators when the device was originally announced, but the Apple iPad Mini has proven to be an extremely popular item, so popular that Apple released the Apple iPad Mini 2 last year. If you want to skip the preamble and get straight to the deal click the button below:


The iPad Mini 2 offers a screen large enough to enjoy films or TV but compact enough to be easily carried on the train or when you're out and about.The screen measures 7.9" across, has a resolution of 2048 x 1536, and 326 ppi whilst these stats aren't particularly mind-blowing or top-of-the-range, the screen is good enough for web-browsing, reading and watching videos in HD. The Apple iPad Mini 2's portability comes from its hollywood-starlet-jealous-making weight of 331g, and offers a very responsive A7 CPU chip to ensure that you can run any and all apps you download from the App store. If you're thinking about saving some cash and purchasing the original Apple iPad Mini, it's worth stumping up the extra £30 to £40 for the Apple iPad Mini 2 due to the dramatic increase in specs level.

The annoying thing about Apple fans who gush endlessly about their devices is that they're kinda, sorta... right. Owning an iPad or iPhone is a really nice experience, everything tends to work most of the time and it's unlikely that you'll ever download an app that doesn't work on your device. However if you're used to Android (or Windows 8) you may find the iOS incredibly constricting in terms of what you can immediately access and what features need to be "hacked" in.

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