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#GOP will let Sony Pictures staff opt-out of email leak

The #GOP (Guardians of Peace) have offered an olive branch to Sony Pictures... sort of. The group has sent a message to Sony Pictures employees claiming if they do not want to be part of the next series of email leaks, they should message the group their name and business title.

#GOP said in a statement “We have a plan to release emails and privacy of the Sony Pictures employees. If you don’t want your privacy to be released, tell us your name and business title to take off your data.”

The group did not expand too much on how the Sony Pictures employees should contact the #GOP. The message was sent with a data dump on Sunday, showing even more leaked material from Sony Pictures.

"The sooner [Sony Pictures Entertainment] accept our demands, the better, of course. The farther time goes by, the worse state SPE will be put into and we will have Sony go bankrupt in the end,” #GOP warned in the message sent on Sunday.

It is still unknown what these demands are, the #GOP asked for “equality”, the removal of “The Interview” and money before the hack took place. It could be any and all of the options, the #GOP do not make it clear.

What they have made clear if Sony Pictures can expect more material to be leaked on Christmas. The group claims to have 10TB of backup discs, full of compromised data from the hack.

The first leak included business information, social security numbers, celebrity contracts and new movies coming from the studio. In a follow-up leak various emails from Sony executives were leaked, some in which the executives insulted celebrities which has lead to some issues with production.

Sony has hired lawyer David Boies to calm the storm, by warning the press they are making “illegal material” public. Boies argues that due to it being stolen material, it should not made public, but the jury's out on if this will hold up in court