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Jaguar Land Rover rids drivers of blind spots

Jaguar Land Rover is building a (not so) new technology that will render the car's pillars invisible, thus increasing the drivers' angle of view and helping them make crucial, sometimes lifesaving decisions.

The technology doesn't actually change the form, construction or the materials used in building the pillars, it just adds cameras on the outside and displays on the inside of the pillars, things we've seen before when Land Rover experimented with the completely transparent car.

That way, a driver's angle of view is increased, and he is able to spot other cars and pedestrians in places that were earlier considered to be "blind spots".

The technology is planned to also be integrated inside the two pillars behind the driver, the ones that split the front seat windows from the back seat ones.

Those so called B-Pillars are also dangerous blind spots, often blamed for crashes during realignment and overtaking.

Another addition is linked to the augmented reality technology, where drivers will be notified (with red circling) of drivers and pedestrians popping up out of nowhere, as seen on the Jaguar Land Rover's promotional video.

This augmented reality is part of their HUD technology (heads-up display), which aims to keep the driver's eyes on the road, at all times.

The HUD can display various icons, as well as ghost cars, used for practice and navigation during the rush hours.