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Netflix freshens Android app and adds Android Wear integration

Netflix has updated its Android app, and also introduced Android Wear integration for those who own a Google-powered smartwatch.

The Netflix Android app has now been graced with the Social Recommendation feature (which has already been on iOS, consoles and the Netflix website for a while now), and this allows you to make recommendations of shows you think your friends or indeed your family might enjoy.

Netflix has also added push notifications so you can easily see and thank a friend for a recommendation, watch said show, or get further information on it.

Furthermore, this has been integrated with Android Wear devices, and you’ll now receive alerts through on your watch when you get a recommendation. You’ll also be able to use your Android Wear gadget to start playback of a show, and for the aforementioned features such as getting further details on the programme.

Back in the autumn, Netflix overhauled its website with a new design, and a fresh cover page with better artwork and presentation – along with an improved search facility which brings up results as you type a query. Users can then scan these results as they crop up, and find what they need more swiftly.