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SpeechTrans Bluetooth Wristband offers translation for 44 languages

If you need any evidence of the popularity of wearables, then the numbers of devices currently popping up with different slants and all manner of concepts should be plenty to persuade you – and we’ve just seen another novel idea in the form of the SpeechTrans Bluetooth Wristband.

The wristband (spotted by The Red Ferret) hooks up to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and can then notify you when a call is incoming. The LED display will let you see the incoming caller’s number, and you can take or reject the call via the wristband, with a noise cancelling mic to talk into, and a small speaker for the caller’s audio.

That speaker can also be used to play tunes from your handset (or computer) – or indeed you can plug a pair of headphones into the SpeechTrans.

So what’s the SpeechTrans bit all about? This is the innovative aspect, with a bundled SpeechTrans Ultimate app for iOS or Android providing translation services (you get a lifetime subscription to the software with the device).

The app uses Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking to translate your words into another language, with 44 languages available for wherever you’re travelling throughout the world. You can see it working in the video above, and it looks like a handy device for those who do a lot of travelling, even if you do have to wait a little while for the translation process to happen (just so long as it’s accurate, that’s not such a big deal).

The device’s battery offers 60 hours of standby time and 3 hours of talk time, and it’s priced at $99 (£63) on the official website.