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Target Blu Eye: The new sat nav that's always on patrol

A new car device called the Target Blu Eye is helping drivers avoid the police in the UK, in a completely legal, but highly controversial way.

The dash-mounted detector alerts drivers to any police presence over half a mile away and, as you would expect, many of those in law enforcement want it banned.

The gadget, priced at a hefty (but cost effective?) £999, searches for TETRA radio signals.

That signal is used by all of the UK's emergency services. Even though drivers can't tap into what the emergency services talk on those signals, they do get notified when a patrol is nearby, even if the car is unmarked.

The makers of the device claim it's designed to prevent accidents, by alerting drivers to emergency vehicles charging to incidents.

"Target Blu Eye is an unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you in time for approaching emergency vehicles. Even if such a vehicle is not it's siren and flashing lights. Thanks to Target Blu Eye you will be warned by audible and visible alerts", it says on the UK distributor’s site, CBS Automotive (opens in new tab).

The police, understandably, are not keen on the device, Metro reports.

Ian Johnston, Gwent Police Crime Commissioner, said: “This device is a passport to villainy and there is no legitimate reason for a law-abiding person to have one..”

“A criminal will carry out a drug deal, see a light on their dashboard and then ditch their illegal stash, only to pick it up when the police aren’t around - or a motorist will be speeding on the motorway, an alert will pop up and they’ll slow down.”

It certainly seems a bit of a controversial one, but you can be sure drivers everywhere will be eager to get their hands on the device.

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