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Alleged compact 5in version of OnePlus One smartphone spotted

Is there a compact version of the OnePlus One smartphone in the works, which could have an even cheaper price tag? It’s an intriguing prospect in this world where, since the Moto G, budget phones are becoming ever more sophisticated, belying their price tag.

The OnePlus One, in case you’re unfamiliar, has a very cheap price for its impressive spec, and has managed to generate plenty of interest because of this, and the fact that you need an invitation to buy one (which has made it all the more exclusive).

It’s a novel strategy, and OnePlus hopes to make up the money they’re losing by selling their phone hardware very cheaply on accessories sold to the growing user base.

So could there be a OnePlus One Compact (or Mini, or whatever it might be called) on the cards? The above leaked image, spotted by GizChina, is allegedly a prototype of such a device with a 5in screen and a Snapdragon 615 chip.

This could easily be a snap of some knock-off Chinese phone, though, as GizChina observes, and the fact that the display shows twin 8 megapixel cameras seems suspicious as well – that’s an unusual configuration, and you’d expect the rear camera to be better than the front.

All in all, this is likely a bit of fakery, but you never know of course. And OnePlus surely has to be thinking about what models it can produce next, to capitalise on the momentum it has gained with its current handset.

Image Credit: GizChina (weibo)