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Founder of Valve Gabe Newell steps in and reinstates Hatred on Steam Greenlight

The controversial game Hatred has reappeared on Steam Greenlight, after it was pulled down yesterday.

The isometric shooter is similar to Postal, the old 90s game which flaunted the boundaries of taste, except Hatred goes considerably further in its nut-job going wild with a gun theme.

And Doug Lombardi of Valve, for one, wasn’t impressed with the title when he stepped in yesterday and declared: “Based on what we’ve seen on Greenlight we would not publish Hatred on Steam. As such we’ll be taking it down.”

However, as Eurogamer reports, Hatred is now back up and live on Greenlight, with Gabe Newell actually stepping in and emailing developer Destructive Creations. He apparently wrote: “Yesterday I heard that we were taking Hatred down from Greenlight. Since I wasn't up to speed, I asked around internally to find out why we had done that. It turns out that it wasn't a good decision, and we'll be putting Hatred back up. My apologies to you and your team. Steam is about creating tools for content creators and customers.”

He added: "Good luck with your game.”

Whether or not the email is genuine, the game is certainly back on Steam Greenlight.

The comments from Steam denizens are a mixed bag, predictably, with one saying: “If Postal is allowed on steam so should be this game... period.”

And another user said: “You can play what you want..... But nobody should want to play this... and if you do you are sick....”

The fact is, with games like this, the actual gameplay is generally below par anyway, which is the reason why the ultra-controversial angle has to be taken – to get the game noticed, and a great job it has done in drumming up media attention in this case.

It’s not fair to pre-judge a title before playing it, of course, but while we don’t believe video games cause all of society’s ills or anything remotely like that, we’ve simply got no wish to play Hatred having watched the trailer.