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Facebook gives your mobile photos a facelift

Even though Facebook is far ahead of Google Plus when it comes to the social media business, Google has had a few cool ideas that didn't go unnoticed.

One of them was an automatic photograph enhancer tool that just did exactly what it says on the tin: Automatically enhanced your photos posted to the Google Plus network.

Now, it seems Facebook is testing a similar feature.

Photos uploaded to Facebook using an iPhone will now be mildly enhanced by default.

Lighting, shadows and general clarity will all be enhanced. These changes can be reverted in their entirety, or the users could keep them and even enhance the photos further.

At this point, Android doesn’t have the automatic photo enhancer feature, although it will reportedly arrive “in the near future”.

However, the upgrades will not reach desktop versions of Facebook - they will stay on mobile only.

It seems Facebook is only interested in enhancing mobile photos, thinking that those uploaded over a desktop computer are usually done by a stronger camera, and that they are in higher quality.

This is not as ambitious as Google Plus but it still is a welcomed change and it will, most certainly, improve the quality of images that pop up on your news feed.