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Facebook introduces 'Sell Something feature for Groups

Facebook keeps expanding the ways we can use the social network.

This time, it has implemented a feature through which users can buy and sell goods to each other in a very simple and effective way.

The system adds a Sell Something button next to the Write post button in Facebook, but only within Groups.

Shortly after announcing Facebook at Work, a separate platform aimed at businesses and based on the Groups features, the company expanded the use for Groups once again.

Clicking the Sell Something button allows the user to select a title, description, price, location, pick up / drop off options, as well as adding photos or pictures of the item being sold.

Once the editing is complete, the post will appear on the Group's wall.

Facebook doesn't intermediate between the seller and the buyer afterwards, but expects them to finalise the deal between themselves.

The site does emphasise how it is not responsible for anything sold or bought over the site and that Facebook is merely means of communication.

"Any transaction made through a Facebook group is between you and the seller," International Business Times cites Facebook. "Keep in mind Facebook doesn't own or possess any items a seller lists, so if you have any questions about the things you're buying in a Facebook group, try contacting the seller."

This latest move further signals Facebook's intent to directly compete with a wider range of services. Having already taken on LinkedIn with Facebook for Work, it looks like eBay and Amazon were next on the list.