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Jawbone UP3 release faces further delays

Those of you keenly awaiting the Jawbone UP3, billed as the “most advanced activity tracker known to man” (maybe women have found something better), will likely be displeased to hear that the device has been delayed.

While you can’t actually pre-order the fitness band here in the UK just yet, you can in the US, and Wareable spotted that the shipping time was stated as 6-7 weeks in the first week of November, when orders first went live, but now over a month later the ship time has been pushed out to 8-9 weeks.

Anyway, there has been plenty of moaning from those over the pond who thought they might be waiting a long time for their product, but according to Jawbone, those who pre-ordered straight away won’t have to wait as long as Americans pre-ordering now.

However, they should have received their device by the end of this month, and won’t get the UP3 until “early in the new year” (presumably very early) – and have thus been offered a $40 (£25) credit or free Jawbone UP Move, which is an impressive gesture.

Those pre-ordering now in the US will have to wait until mid-February, and we’re guessing that us poor Brits are going to have to wait longer than that, given that we still have “coming soon” on the UP3 product page rather than a pre-order button. Such is life.

The Jawbone UP3 will set you back £150 when it is available. The fitness band is water resistant with a battery life that lasts a full week, and offers a heart health sensor, sleep monitoring, activity tracking, and you can even track food and drink calories consumed (against exercise levels). It also alerts the user when they’ve been idle and sat around for too long, so they can get up off their chair and do a little moving around to get the blood going.