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Runtastic combines exercise and virtual reality

Another use has been found for Oculus Rift, besides being used to scare the pants off of anyone who uses it.

The guys and gals at Runtastic have managed to combine Oculus virtual reality headsets with another currently big trend - health and fitness.

They have designed a program which puts you in a room with a virtual fitness instructor, with whom you do your seven minute long workout.

The project is currently in a concept idea phase, meaning it’s far, far from a finished product.

Yet, it’s a good indicator to both where the virtual reality industry might be heading (besides the obvious), and where fitness and wearable fit tech might be heading as well.

The video above was recently posted by Runtastic Youtube, showing how the virtual workout might look like in the future, as well as how the concept was created.

Runtastic is an international mobile fitness company that combines traditional fitness with mobile applications, social networking and elements of gamification as a logical reaction to the Quantified Self movement.

The company develops apps, hardware products, and services, such as: Online training logs, detailed data analysis, comparisons to other users, and many more functions to help users improve their overall fitness

Oculus Rift is an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display, being developed by Oculus VR.

The consumer version of the product should be available sometime in 2015. So far Oculus released two development kits, DK1 and KD2, to give developers a chance to develop content in time for the Rift’s release.