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Google set to overhaul Lollipop with Android 5.1 due February 2015?

Google is readying Android 5.1, the next major update for Lollipop, for release in the first quarter of next year by all accounts.

This is according to two “trusted sources” who spoke to Android Pit, with the website claiming to have received a changelog that shows some of the tweaks coming to version 5.1, which should be with us before February is out. Or at least, be with the first batch of Nexus owners anyway, with other vendors and networks following as ever…

Okay, so what does Android 5.1 have in store? Well, you can expect the usual bug fixes and improvements in stability, and fixes for sudden app crashes. There’ll also be improved memory and battery management measures, and various issues with wireless connections will be addressed.

Problems with notifications are going to be smoothed over, as are dodgy aspects of the Okay Google function.

Finally, silent mode will be added, a number of sounds problems on specific devices will be fixed, and Google intends to tweak the Material Design colours to make them look slightly better (apparently following some user complaints).

This shopping list of tweaks certainly seems believable enough, so we could well be looking at the core improvements for Android 5.1 here. As ever, though, this is just speculation.

Android 5.0 has just been tweaked to version 5.0.1 with some minor fixes, incidentally, and we also heard yesterday that the HTC One M8 and M7 will be getting Lollipop at the start of next year (from 3 January).