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Apple co-founder Wozniak sceptical about smartwatches

Apple co-founder and avid tech collector Steve Wozniak delivered his opinion on smartwatches and Google Glass in an interview with Australian Financial Review.

On smartwatches, Wozniak does not expect Apple Watch to pave the way for the industry and claims not one smartwatch has been able to interest him.

Wozniak has fiddled around with early Samsung smartwatches, but claims the limited functionality makes a smartphone much better for tasks. "I bought a few of the early smartwatches, including Samsung's, and they were so disappointing,"

"I took them off because they were so much worse than the phone that's right in my pocket already.” he said. Wozniak claims a company will find a way to make smartwatches useful, but does not think Apple will find the key ingredient in 2015.

Speaking about Apple, Wozniak also said he “admired Tim Cook” for “breaking a dogma that had come from Steve Jobs, which was about only having small phones.” Wozniak said he likes the new 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 sizes.

"The iPhone originally made it because it looked like a big phone, and then, when rival phones looked bigger than Apple's they continued to say 'we are right'. That was corporate culture getting in the way of expansion, I think that maybe came from Steve Jobs not wanting somebody to say something he didn't create was better."

Wozniak worked with Jobs in the early years of Apple, creating the Apple I and Apple II, two of the most iconic products in Apple’s history. Wozniak left the company after the Macintosh, but is still on Apple’s payroll.

Speaking on Google Glass, Wozniak also sees a dull future for the augmented reality device. He claims while Google Glass does have potential, it will be a hard sell for $1500 (£958), and even if Google gets the price right it is still a questionable purchase.

Wozniak is not the only one feeling pessimistic about Google Glass, several developers have dropped work on GlassWare apps, and consumer interest in the product is waning, even before release.

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