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Ancient social network Bebo re-invents itself as a messaging app

Remember Bebo, the social network for youngsters which thrived for a while some time back, before it went the way of MySpace, being stomped on by Facebook’s unstoppable popularity?

Well, Bebo hasn’t given up, and has now emerged as a messaging app (because we haven’t got enough of them) to try and take back some of its previous thunder.

As the Telegraph reports, Bebo actually began its comeback early this year with the launch of a video chatting app by the name of Blab. But now, an official Bebo app has been launched, a messaging client for Android and iOS.

It does things differently though, and unsurprisingly is targeted more at younger folks with hashtag driven antics that get user’s avatars interacting with one another. Typing #slap, for example, sees your cartoon avatar give your friend’s a slap – a rather nasty looking one too, which leaves a big red hand print on the avatar’s eye.

Other actions include #twerk, to do your best Miley Cyrus impression, and more mundane things like #hug, or #excited, or phrases like #sorrynotsorry. You can also use #draw to doodle something in your chat window to send to a friend, and indeed #music to message over a song, and #location to let you mates know where you are.

Users can customise their avatar in loads of ways in an effort to get it to look like yourself (or not), and, well, you get the idea.

Will the new Bebo be successful? It’s certainly has a novel feel to it which may well appeal to its target demographic, and the app is generating plenty of media interest right now.