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Christmas gift idea: Digital pickpocketing-proof jeans

Betabrand, a San Francisco based clothes retailer, is creating jeans that block wireless signals in an attempt to prevent digital pickpocketing.

Apparently, digital pickpocketing is a thing, and I’ve somehow missed it.

Fortunately for me, this company didn’t miss this growing trend and has created a pair of jeans specifically aimed to deal with it.

But what does that even mean?

Digital pickpocketing is a term for tapping into radio frequency identification (RFID) items such as passports or contactless payment cards and stealing whatever info you need.

It’s a growing trend, which is why Betabrand has developed, in cooperation with the antivirus company Norton, a pair of jeans that can block wireless signals and thus prevent digital theft.

They are due to go on sale in February of 2015.

Beside the jeans, the company is also creating a blazer with similar features. The jeans will retail at $151 (£96) and the blazer at $198.

Disklabs, a digital forensic firm in the UK, created a wallet with similar technology, saying that stealing these kinds of information is fairly easy.

"There is technology readily available for anyone to snatch other people's credit and debit card data within seconds," said Disklabs boss Simon Steggles. "These apps simply copy the card with all the information on it."

The wallet will also hit the stores next year.

This issue becomes important as more and more items integrate RFID technology, like in-chest monitors or wearable insulin pumps.