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Kai Lenny tackles ‘Jaws’ on JetSurf Pro Race surfboard

Fancy a motorised surfboard? Well feast your eyes on the video above, which shows big wave surfer Kai Lenny riding the JetSurf Pro Race surfboard which is powered by a 100cc engine.

The six foot board is fashioned from Kevlar and carbon fibre, and Lenny achieved the first ever JetSurf at Jaws (the name of the big wave surfing break at Peʻahi on the north shore of the island of Maui, Hawaii).

The JetSurf Pro Race’s 100cc engine takes it up to a max speed of 61km per hour (38 mph), which is pretty nippy as you can see from the footage above, which shows Lenny carving through some monster waves.

Lenny observed that the JetSurf is a cross between a Formula 1 car and a jet ski. Before his outing, he said: "She's gonna purr, watch this! It's pretty nuts!"

JetSurf spokesman Philipp Wolf commented: “Kai Lenny needed some extra speed so he took the JetSurf Pro Race for the ultimate test. What Lenny has done with the JetSurf on a super heavy break like ‘Jaws’ is what top motorsport car manufacturers do on the Nürburgring in Germany, it’s like the ultimate test, and we are proud to have succeeded.”

The JetSurf is also relatively portable, with engineers having got its total weight (including accessories) down to 15kg, and it can be taken on a flight as personal luggage.