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Leaked Xperia Z4 images appear online

Images reported to be of Sony's new Xperia Z4 smartphone have been leaked online.

Even though Sony did the unthinkable by giving in to the demands of the hacker group #GOP and cancelling the premiere for the movie The Interview, leaks keep on coming and keep on devastating the company.

In the latest turn of events, some e-mails leaked online (yet again). This time George Leon, Sony's executive vice president of consumer marketing, sent e-mails to Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) CEO Michael Lynton that included the preliminary designs of the new phone, as well as images of Daniel Craig, the actor playing James Bond, holding the phone.

According to Gizmodo, shots of Craig holding the Xperia Z4 would cost the company $5 million (£3 million).

The device, sporting a fairly futuristic look, was expected to be formally unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC), which will take place in Barcelona in March.

The pitches were sent to the Hollywood studio, together with images of some sort of a wearable device.

Sony has a history of failed attempts at creating a wearable device, but it seems as this time it tried again from scratch.

The latest James Bond movie, called Spectre, is announced for 6 November 2015 and it will the fourth Bond movie starring Daniel Craig.