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Minecraft: Story Mode spin-off coming from Telltale Games

Minecraft is getting a spin-off, and unlike the open world sandbox original, this will be a narrative-driven game.

Minecraft: Story Mode will be produced by Telltale Games, and will be a standalone affair released in a series of episodes. Mojang noted that it won’t tell the ‘official’ story of Steve the Minecraft guy, or attempt to explain the world of Minecraft or anything like that.

Mojang didn’t really say what it would do, mind, and only said that Mojang will be involved (and so will members of the Minecraft community) in making the game “as Minecrafty as possible”, and also that the game will be “cool”. That’s about all we know at this point – aside from the target release date, with the first episode due at some point next year across a range of platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mac, iOS and Android).

For Telltale’s part, the developer said it will feature an original story which is driven by the choices of the player, mixing new characters with “familiar themes”.

Telltale has been going for ten years, and has previously produced episodic games based on The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones (which introduces an imaginary House Forrester). Telltale’s efforts are generally impressive, and it’ll be very interesting to see what they can do with the world of Minecraft. After all, in terms of any sort of plot, it’s pretty thin on the ground to say the least.