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Tech trio team-up: EE, Huawei and Qualcomm finish tests on 410Mbps superfast 4G

Huawei has announced that it has teamed up with EE and Qualcomm in order to complete LTE category 9 trials for superfast 4G surfing.

In what Huawei is heralding as a major breakthrough in wireless speeds, the tests, which used the company’s infrastructure solution along with EE’s LTE-A network and Qualcommn’s Snapdragon 810 chip with LTE-A modem, registered download speeds of up to 410Mbps.

That’s pretty impressive to say the least – currently, 4G LTE surfers experience an average of around the 15Mbps mark, which is still pretty nippy for mobile broadband.

Yang Chaobin, Chief Marketing Officer at Huawei Wireless Network Business Unit, commented: “This test is a truly ground-breaking moment as we move towards the 5G era. The LTE Category 9 interoperability test is the first successfully completed trial of its kind in Europe and we’re proud to be working alongside Qualcomm Technologies and EE to drive future networks.”

Tom Bennett, director of network services and devices at EE, added: “Use of our remaining 15MHz of 2.6GHz spectrum enables both our fastest speeds and an increase in capacity across our network and this successful testing phase is a big step forward. We look forward to demonstrating this at Wembley Stadium early next year. ”

EE and Huawei have long been partners, since 2012 in fact, when EE used Huawei tech to kick off its 4G LTE network, which was the first in the country.