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There's another new social network in town

I know you've heard it all before, but guess what...there’s another new social network in town ready to ruffle the feathers of the established pack.

Global design consultancy firm we are experience (WAE), has partnered with Forbidden Technologies, a company that develops cloud-based video editing solutions, to create a video-based social network called eva.

Describing itself as “the mobile YouTube for the Instagram generation,” the network has been designed to cater for the demands of video and, amazingly, was created and launched in just 30 days.

WAE CEO Chris Averill comments: “We followed a rigorous design process of test and learn. Day after day our research team tested different ideas with consumers and as a result we were able to deliver a solution that we know consumers really want.

“We set up a war room in Forbidden Technologies offices and I think in total had over 1,000 ideas on the wall which we tested with consumers.”

Aziz Musa, co-founder of eva at Forbidden said: “I can’t stress enough how important it is to hire a partner that embraces the whole customer experience and has the means to research, gain insight and test designs on the street with real consumers.

“Research took a central role in the work that WAE delivered for eva. As a result eva was transformed into a beautiful experience that allows people to express themselves through video.”

It already seems to be gaining some traction on other social media sites, as its Facebook followers have nearly doubled in the last month, now closing in on the 12,000 mark.

Having had a look, I like the simple design and overall look of the site, but I must admit I'm struggling to picture it really taking off in an extremely crowded market.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.