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iPhone 6 vs boiling Coca-Cola: Which came out on top?

We’ve seen the iPhone 6 put though all sorts of weird and wonderful tests, from simple bending (the old bendgate palaver) to being shot at, burnt with thermite, frozen in liquid nitrogen and so on.

A new video has popped up on YouTube, though, showing how the iPhone 6 fares against Coca-Cola. Boiling Coca-Cola, in fact. Why? At this point, the real question seems to be why not.

At any rate, Techrax on YouTube (spotted by the IBT) filled a frying pan with coke, and boiled it up, which reduces the drink to a thick, syrupy bubbling concoction that looks like something which could be oozing from the centre of the Earth (or close by) out of some geyser.

As you can see in the video above, the functioning iPhone 6 is then bathed in the obnoxious looking mixture. It stays on for a while to its credit, while the temperature warning flashes up on the display, before the handset is submerged in the boiling coke.

The end result? To everyone’s great surprise, it’s a melted, smoking mess. The iPhone 6 cannot survive being bathed in boiling hot coke – and you heard it here first…

Doubtless some more pointless stress tests will be in the pipeline – maybe how the iPhone 6 boils up alongside some Xmas sprouts.