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North Korea back online following major internet outage

North Korea is now back online – at least partially – following its internet connectivity being disrupted country-wide.

North Korea went offline late yesterday afternoon our time (early Tuesday, Korean time) and remained without the net for almost 10 hours, according to Dyn Research, a security firm.

The BBC reports that web access was cut entirely for this period of time, but that US sources now say that connectivity has been restored – though there has been no official word from North Korean authorities on the situation.

The issue follows some 24 hours of sustained instability over the weekend, and of course some fingers of suspicion are pointed at the US – given the government’s recent declaration that North Korea was directly responsible for the hacking of Sony Pictures and that whole debacle.

Dyn Research observed that a prolonged pattern of up and down connecvitiy followed by a complete outage “seems consistent with a fragile network under external attack” – but that it could also be a problem with the internet infrastructure in North Korea, perhaps some kind of power outage, or break in a fibre optic cable.

At this point, it’s impossible to tell – we may hear more soon (but North Korea itself is unlikely to be forthcoming on the matter).