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UK Christmas shoppers using mobile technology to keep costs down

Online shoppers are using new technology more than ever to reduce the money spent on their Christmas shoppingba.

According to a study by ParcelHero, consumers are also using apps to ensure their transactions are secure.

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Founder of ParcelHero, Roger Sumner-Rivers explained some of the consumer trends highlighted by the report.

“Consumers have recognised the fact that buyers have more rights when ordering online, and are also using the latest digital technologies to ensure they keep a close reign on their budget, and make their purchases as secure as possible,” he said.

The study found that 40 per cent of UK consumers plan to set a strict budget for their Christmas shopping this year, with 59 per cent revealing that they will use a prepaid card to reduce the risk of overspending. One in 10 consumers also plan to use digital wallets for some of their purchases, with NFC payments considered by one in three.

While the UK is somewhat behind the US, where Apple Pay has already launched, retailers are still monitoring the rise of mobile payments, with EE’s Cash on Tapp App an early adopter of this technology.

Apps are forming a crucial part of the Christmas shop this year, with consumers using services such as Money Dashboard, Money Lover and Spending Tracker to keep an eye on their outgoings over the festive period.

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Mr Sumner-Rivers also said that the option of returning a gift if it arrives late when bought online is an attractive proposition for consumers. However, he did stress that this has to be “within reasonable time,” so anyone yet to do their online Christmas shopping has probably left it too late.