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Beer bottles that deliver messages, please use responsibly

Sexting and Snapchat will have to step up their game now, that's for sure.

An Argentinian beer brand has come up with a inovative way to combine private video messages: QR codes and beer bottles to deliver a "message in a bottle".

Obviously, it's a marketing campaign, but every now and then the campaigns get so good, they deserve some media attention.

And for some strange reason, most of those are in some manner related to beer.

This time, Argentinian beer brand Andes puts a fresh, unused QR code on the bottle's label.

Once you scan the QR code, you're prompted with a video recorder, where you can record a short video message that gets uploaded to the cloud.

After that, it's time to send that message in a bottle to someone else. Presumably, a message you can't deliver in person.

Once the message is viewed, it's automatically deleted from the cloud, the same way Snapchat does with photos.

The beer company created a couple of amusing short video ads to demonstrate how to properly use the video message system, the first of which is shown in the video above. The second can be found here.