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Asus ZenWatch 2 will arrive in 2015

The sequel to the Asus ZenWatch will be due out in the third quarter of next year, or at least that’s the latest word on the smartwatch street.

According to Focus Taiwan (via Wareable), the Asus ZenWatch 2 will pitch up in Q3 of 2015, with two further Asus wearables.

The next ZenWatch will go further than the current one in terms of a divorce from the smartphone – you’ll be able to use it as a standalone device, and to make voice calls, leaving your phone at home.

Most smartwatches must be hooked up with a phone to be useful, of course, save for Samsung’s Gear S which is also an independent device.

Asus is also planning a pair of fitness bands which will be able to do the usual heart rate and pedometer duties, but will measure blood sugar levels as well.

The original ZenWatch (pictured), which hasn’t been long on sale, has received a decent amount of praise, particularly because it looks pretty slick, and it’s comfortable to wear (an area where some smartwatches miss the mark by a long chalk). An even more fully featured device which keeps the pleasing aesthetics could do well as a cheaper and stylish alternative to the Apple Watch (which is due out next spring).