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Samsung launches new app to help autistic children

Today, we’care all so obsessed with our smartphones and tablets that we’ve often started seeing campaigns and actions raising awareness of a growing problem.

We’re getting less social, and more dependent on technology with every passing day.

Yet, on the other hand, there are people who’re having a hard time being social as it is, such as people with autism.

With that in mind, Samsung has created a new app called Look At Me, aimed to improve eye contact and social skills for autistic children.

In a promotional video posted on YouTube, as seen above, SamsungTomorrow explains how the app works and how it can help autistic children around the world.

"Millions of children struggle to make eye contact due to autism. There has been no scientifically-endorsed treatment. Until now", it says in the video description.

The program, that was developed in collaboration with professors, doctors and UX designers, consists of seven missions for the player to complete.

During and within the missions, children will have to make eye contact, read facial expressions and express their emotions.

The Google Play app page says 20 children trained on the program over eight weeks, and 60 per cent of them showed improvement in making eye contact.

Samsung has also stressed out how it’s important for parents to take part in the program for best results.

"Some missions in this program require parental assistance and participation. Parents should encourage their child's participation and monitor his/her progress.

"To motivate their child to perform better, parents should give their child a small reward if he/she completes all of the day's missions", it says on the Google Play page.