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Twitter hit by five-hour outage

Twitter was hit by a major issue for Android and Tweetdeck users yesterday, whereby they were left unable to log in.

Problems began for these users around midday yesterday our time, and the issue persisted for about five and a half hours.

Digital Trends reports that users were ejected from their accounts if they were logged in, and then when they tried to log in again, the process failed and they were told to try again later.

Some of those that could log in were hit by a weird bug which advanced the date on their account by a year, allowing them to make posts from December 2015. And giving plenty of scope for jokes therein…

When Twitter fixed the issue, the social network announced that it was caused by a bug in their code.

A statement read: “Between 4:00 and 9:25 PST today some users were unable to sign in to twitter. This issue was due to a bug in our front end code, which has been patched.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.”

There should be no issues now. Certainly scanning Twitter, the only talk is of finally being able to get back on. As one user, lasergirl70, put it: “Due to that twitter outage I almost read an entire book. Imagine what I could accomplish if it happened once a day.”