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Download while you drive with BMW

BMW’s ConnectedDrive Store will be available to US drivers next year after the company announced plans to roll out the service beyond Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

The store, which hits the US in Spring 2015, allows BMW drivers to benefit from a wide range of digital services and features that can be booked and updated via the Internet directly from the comfort of the driver or passenger seat.

“BMW was one of the first car manufacturers to recognise the significance of mobile communications, integrating them into its vehicles through BMW ConnectedDrive. With the launch of the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, this extensive range of connectivity solutions can now be ordered online via the “My ConnectedDrive” customer portal,” read a BMW blog post.

Once inside the car, the ConnectedDrive Store is easy to find by using its icon on the large iDrive Controller screen that reveals all the services available on the store such as Real Time Traffic Information [RTTI] and a range of others. Credit card information is saved onto the portal and this is protected by a password that must be set up by the driver before the store can be used.

The only extra thing that drivers need in order to access the store is a SIM card, which is included as standard on all vehicles sold in the US. The presence of a SIM card is also essential to allow the car’s Intelligent Emergency Call service to function correctly by contacting a BMW Call Centre agent to assess the severity of any accident that has taken place.

BMW first rolled out the ConnectedDrive Store to its customers in Belgium and Luxembourg at the end of the summer before it hit Germany in October, and the whole system will be showcased at CES 2015 next month alongside a self-parking car.

Jamie Hinks

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