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Lizard Squad helped GoP attack Sony

Hackers that took down Sony’s PlayStation Network [PSN] over the festive period admitted they assisted another group that managed to gain access to the firm’s internal network.

A member of the Lizard Squad group that claimed responsibility for the Christmas Day attack on the gaming network reportedly handed over stolen data to the Guardians of Peace [GoP] collective that carried out attacks on the company to stop the release of The Interview.

The anonymous hacker told the Washington Post that the group “handed over some Sony employee logins” that were eventually used by GoP to get the attack started, though the Lizard Squad apparently didn’t play a “large part” in the attack. The Lizard Squad member interviewed failed to give any information on how they got hold of the login details.

It is the first time that a connection between the two groups has been revealed and throws a certain level of doubt over the FBI claims that North Korea was responsible for the Sony hack that attempted to stop the release of The Interview. One explanation for the hacking collectives being involved could be due to claims by the FBI that North Korea “contracted out” some of the work.

Lizard Squad attacked PSN and Xbox Live on Christmas Day leaving gamers with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles that couldn’t be used on one of the busiest days for the gaming industry. The spokesperson stated the attacks were launched to expose “massive security issues” present at scores of large companies.

"The customers of these companies should be rather worried,” the spokesperson added.

GoP’s attack on Sony’s internal network, meanwhile, forced the company’s Sony Pictures Entertainment arm to withdraw the release of The Interview in the US, though it has since made around $15 million [£9.6 million] in three days after being made available for download.

Jamie Hinks

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