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YPlan gets personal with new social features

YPlan, the extremely popular cure to boredom that inspires spontaneous nights out, has launched three new features to make the service more social and personal than ever before.

Having recently secured $24 million (£15 million) of investment, the mobile app has introduced three new tabs - Invites, Feedback and Preferences – just in time for the New Year’s Eve rush.

Here’s a run-down of the three features:


Enables users to share events with contact via Facebook their phonebook, offering the recipient the chance to accept or decline the request before you purchase your tickets.


This allows users to rate their experiences with a score out of five stars, based on factors such as the quality of the event and the ambience of the venue. The ratings are then fed back to the event organisers, providing instant evaluation of public sentiment and, hopefully, improved experiences in the future.


With this tool, users can highlight their favourite events to be seen by friends and family and also remove any listings that aren’t of interest. By swiping left and tapping the screen, the event will be deleted from the users’ feed and will not show up in any future recommendations, creating a bespoke list of suggested events.

Speaking about the updates, co-founder and CTO, Viktoras Jucikas, said: “Having spent several months in the making, these new features will significantly augment our existing product offering.

“Whether you’re heading to a pop-up restaurant, theatre show, secret gig or film screening, a night out is an inherently social activity.

"Over 75 per cent of our customers purchase two or more tickets at a time so we’ve developed new mechanisms which make those kind of group bookings even easier – you can now arrange everything without ever needing to leave our app.

“We want YPlan to act as the social glue that brings your friends together, these new features will allow us to better fulfil that role.”

YPlan is a free app available on both Android and iOS devices and the new updates are available now after being rolled out from mid-December.