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Roku looks back at 2014 by the numbers

2014 could be viewed as the year of set-top boxes. 2015 is likely to see even more action, as more of what we watch moves to online content, be it Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus, the new CBS offering, or one of the lesser known competitors.

When you take all of that into account, you'd assume it would have been a big year for Roku, and you'd be right.

Today the company ran down the numbers for 2014 and they were a bit staggering in terms of just how well the set-top box maker has performed.

During the year that's about to pass, Roku saw growth extending to more than 10 million players sold, surpassed 2,000 channels and claims to have streamed more than three billion hours of video. The final number is perhaps the most surprising.

The hardware maker points out that it is now built into TVs and was featured on CNET's list of best products.

It also tells us that it "added Google Play, FXNOW, WWE Network, SHOWTIME ANYTIME, NFL Now, CinemaNow and many more to the Roku platform furthering our lead in streaming channel choices".

Roku concludes by promising more in the coming year: "A big thank you to the millions of Roku users. We’ve got big things in store. Stream big in 2015".

It's a growing industry and Roku is at the top, and the company continues to improve its offerings. We'll have to wait and see what the coming year holds in store for this little device.