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HTC has a year of huge surprises planned for 2015

A marketing big cheese at HTC is promising that this year will be a major one for the company and its customers, with some huge surprises set to be revealed.

Jeff Gordon, who is Senior Global Online Communications Manager for HTC, commented on his official Twitter account (spotted by Trusted Reviews): “HTC's 2015 roadmap will be our best ever – with some huge surprises that will blow you away.”

He also tweeted that: “I'm overwhelmingly excited for #TeamHTC in 2015! I can't wait to show you what we've been working on!” Later in the thread of messages following that comment, the official HTC account chimed in with a slightly more muted: “Rest assured, 2015 is looking as innovative as ever.”

The big revelations are, of course, going to start at next week’s CES trade show, with the company expected to unveil a wearable which is “very different” to what’s currently on the market (previously the device was expected to be a smartwatch, but at least according to the rumour mill recently, that angle has changed).

The firm is also going to reveal new HTC Desire smartphones which will be doing big things with their (relatively) small cameras, and later in the year is planning a high-end tablet to compete against the iPad Air 2.

It will definitely be interesting to see what the company has up its sleeve next week, and we hope the wearable is something genuinely innovative as opposed to gimmicky and “different” just for the sake of it.