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Sony offers gamers discounts after Christmas Day PlayStation hack

Sony has promised to extend subscriptions and offer discounts to PlayStation Network users affected by the recent outage.

A denial-of-service attack brought video gaming to a standstill for PSN users, as well those on Xbox Live, for five days over the festive period.

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Sony has confirmed that if you registered for a PlayStation Plus account before the 25 December hack, your subscription will be extended by an additional five days.

"We will post additional information here on PlayStation.Blog when the extension becomes available," the company posted online. "If your membership or trial ends before the extension is available, you will receive five days of Plus to enjoy once the extension becomes available (we will notify you when)."

Any other users affected by the Christmas Day attack will also be offered a 10 per cent discount on a single purchase from the PlayStation Store.

Four years ago, Sony also offered free games and discounts to its customers following an even more serious hack, which also resulted in a class-action lawsuit. Microsoft has not yet made any indication that it will offer Xbox Live users compensation for the recent disruption, however, its network did recover more quickly than PSN.

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The attacks on both gaming networks also made the news due to the response of Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload. Dotcom, who is well-known for his love of gaming, offered the hackers lifetime membership to his cloud storage platform Mega if they stopped the attack, as it was preventing him from playing Destiny online.