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Top 15 social media 'regrets' include drunken rants and soppy statuses

The average Briton has 17 ‘internet regrets’ – things they wish they hadn’t done online - according to a recent survey.

Everyone has in the heat of the moment posted something onto the internet without realising the possible consequences. From rants about work and the boss to compromising photos and soppy status updates about the ex.

Custard Online Marketing – which commissioned the study of 2,000 people - said that the typical Brit deletes 10 posts from their social networks every year.

"It's perhaps not surprising that so many adults have regrets lurking on their social media profiles,” Sam Allcock of Custard Online told the Western Morning News. “Our frequent access to smartphones and tablets makes it easier for us to post photos and comments at times we really shouldn't.

"We suspect that everyone has made the mistake of posting too much information online, so at least it's something everyone can relate to."

Facebook is the social network that receives the most deletions and is the focus of most of the regrets, followed by Twitter. The average user admits that they have at least two photos of an ex, a mad rant about work and at least two drunken posts.

Almost one in three respondents in the survey admitted that they had got in trouble with their boss for their social media posts, while 31 per cent said they’d had a telling off from their family.

On the other hand, people who post constant selfies, updates about babies and pictures of food leave Brits fuming at their news feeds.

The list in its entirety:

1. Unflattering photographs
2. Raucous, drunken photos
3. Immature comments
4. Boring status updates
5. Over-emotional outbursts
6. Posts giving an opinion I no longer have
7. Photos of me, doing things I shouldn't have done
8. Photos of me in skimpy clothing/underwear
9. Loved up or soppy comments about an ex or partner
10. Bad language
11. Controversial opinions that people get offended at
12. Jokes in bad taste
13. Bitching about someone
14. Vain selfies
15. Pictures of food