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Venture capitalist predicts Apple Watch will fail

The Apple Watch is going to fail, or at least that’s the opinion of one venture capitalist who wrote a blog post detailing his mostly tech-related predictions of what is going to happen in 2015.

Fred Wilson observed that another market which would fail to live up to its hype was wearables, and that the Apple Watch “will not be the homerun product that iPod, iPhone, and iPad have been”.

He said that not everyone wants to wear a computer on their wrist, and the focus on wearables and predicted explosion of said devices next year is a “bit of a headfake” which will take up a lot of time and energy through 2015, but without producing much in the way of results.

We’re inclined to agree, particularly when it comes to the Apple Watch, which we were rather disappointed with in terms of it not bringing anything truly innovative to the table. However, we wouldn’t predict the flop of wearables as a whole category just yet, particularly not when they become more sophisticated in terms of sleep monitoring, blood sugar and so forth.

Wilson also predicted a wave of relatively recently started companies like Uber and Dropbox going public, and Xiaomi coming to the US.

He also feels that Oculus Rift will struggle in terms of shipping the consumer version of the hardware, and this along with other VR headsets will underwhelm. “The virtual reality will eventually catch up to the virtual hype, but not in 2015,” he noted.

Again, that’s a pretty safe prediction – though the danger is that if the first wave of VR headsets do underwhelm, consumers will be put off the idea for some considerable time.

Wilson also said cyber-security budgets will be bolstered in 2015 as companies attempt to avoid “being Sony’d”, and Software-as-a-Service will shine throughout the year.