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Calling all journalists: How to cover CES 2015

The biggest consumer electronics show is here.

CES 2015, which takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Centre, starts tomorrow and over the course of the next couple of days all the biggest consumer electronics developers, as well as those not so big, will come to showcase what they have in store for the next 365 days.

As one of the most anticipated tech events of the year, everyone and their grandparents are preparing long and hard for the chaos that's about to be unleashed upon the world.

At the front line are the journalists. A huge army of correspondents from all around the US and the world will flock to Las Vegas and do their best to bring news to their listeners, watchers and readers.

But it’s an extremely challenging task, one that requires careful preparation and extreme precision.

That’s why Newscred has published a small guide for all journalists to assist them in reporting from CES 2015.

It has teamed up with Michelle Fitzsimmons, the managing editor of TechRadar, to bring journalists a list of things they should keep an eye on, once they enter the Convention centre.

Among the most important tips are to study the press events schedule beforehand to work out what you want to see and make sure you organise everything in advance, such as the location of any meetings and the equipment you will need throughout the day.

Fitzsimmons also stressed the importance of making pre-show connections so you don't miss out on anything exciting, getting in touch with as many PR officers as possible, reading up on companies that are rumoured to have big announcements and following up with new contacts after the show.

These are just some of the many useful tips Newscred published and you can read the full blog here.

Image Credit: Flickr/Esther Vargas