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CES 2015: The fitness tracker that can measure your BMI in seconds

InBody, a company with more than 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry has entered the wearable technology market.

The InBody Band was unveiled today at CES 2015 and provides detailed body analysis wherever you are.

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The fitness tracker is capable of analysing fat and muscle mass, body fat percentage, heart rate and body mass index, providing results within about five to 10 seconds. It collects data using four sensors, the front two of which are activated by placing your fingers on them, while the back two gather data from your wrist.

The device will look to capitalise on InBody’s standing as one of the leading body composition analysers, in order to gain an advantage in the increasingly competitive fitness tracker market.

The InBody Band can also monitor activities and sleep using its 3D accelerometer sensor and its accompanying app, which is available across iOS and Android device, allows the user to set targets, smart alarms and rankings.

At the CES event, InBody also announced the launch of its InBody InLab wearable, which is a more basic fitness band that looks sleeker, but will likely come with less features than the Band.

The InBody Band is schedule for release in March in the US at a retail price of $179 (£118), with UK pricing and release date still to be confirmed.

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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has seen its fair share of fitness oriented tech already, with French startup Connected Cycle also revealing a smart bike pedal that can monitor the user’s cycling activity.