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CES 2015: The smart bike pedal combining fitness sensors and security

A French startup has launched its own innovative take on fitness technology, which looks to distance itself from the multitude of fitness tracking wristbands being released.

At 2015’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Connected Cycle revealed a smart bike pedal which can track a bike’s exact location, as well as monitor various fitness parameters.

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The aluminium pedal is accompanied by an iOS app, which can show the owner where the bike is located, or provide a push notification if the bike is moved, both of which could prove very useful in the event of theft.

The pedal also records the speed of the bike, how steep an incline the rider is travelling at, map information and calories burnt, ensuring that all the usual fitness statistics are covered. Connected Cycle also confirmed that the smart pedal generates its own power and that installation should be a simple process, requiring only a bespoke key included with the device.

Although no release date or price tag have been revealed, The company has confirmed that the launch kit will come with two pedals, one with the smart technology features and the other to ensure your bike has an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical look.The pedals will also be available in a range of colours including black, green, blue, red and orange.

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The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is one of the largest technology events of the year and has seen the unveiling of a number of high-profile gadgets since its launch in 1967. If the smart pedal can achieve even half as much fame as the videocassette recorder (VCR), HD television or original Microsoft Xbox, all of which debuted at CES, it will have proved very successful.