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CES 2015: Works with Nest program expanded with many new partners

Over at CES, Nest has announced that it has expanded its Works with Nest program, with some 15 new partners who will tie their devices in with Nest’s products.

All of these innovations allow for a smarter home, and can help you save energy, money, and make for some very convenient touches.

For example, one new partner is Kwikset, with the firm’s Kevo Smart Lock able to communicate with your Nest thermostat to tell it who’s home and what temperature they like the house to be at. Perhaps more importantly, it can tell the Nest device when no one is home, so you’re not wasting heating energy.

Another lock, the August Smart Lock, can notify the Nest thermostat of when you open or lock your door, so it can fire up the heating, or set the thermostat to away mode.

A hook up with Philips and the company’s Hue lights means that those lights will flash on and off if there’s a problem Nest Protect has detected, to let you know about it immediately.

Whirlpool has also got on board, so your Nest thermostat can tell your washing machine when you arrive home, so it can switch into quiet mode. Very clever.

And integration with the Withings Sleep System will allow it to set the Nest thermostat to a comfortable temperature during the night, and to then adjust that temperature as soon as you wake up.

Works with Nest connections are already being used by one in ten Nest customers apparently, across some 90 countries.