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Las Vegas airport goes power outlet mad ahead of CES 2015

The main airport in Las Vegas is updating its old terminals to best accommodate tech-savvy travellers visiting this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which takes place in Las Vegas from 6-9 January at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A couple of thousand new power outlets and USB outlets will be installed all over the McCarran International Airport to serve the influx of visitors.

Those include outlets under seats and inside bars and restaurants.

Karen Chupka, senior vice president of CES and the Consumer Electronics Association, said her group is likely to be the biggest electricity and Internet user when it comes to town, Business Insider reports.

"We tend to push the limits of everything," she said.

Year after year, the city has responded to the growing CES trend by upgrading internet connectivity in the centre, she added.

The airport's addition of thousands more outlets and USB ports is, "great, that's absolutely wonderful," she said.

Batteries inside various gadgets have been a chronic pain for everyone, and a lot of people actually choose where they will wine and dine based on whether they can charge their electronic pets or not.

"You don't have to make that choice," said Samuel Ingalls, assistant director of aviation information services at the airport.

To make things even better, the airport has its own technical support unit, an unknown number of people whose sole purpose is to assist visitors having connectivity issues.

Ten years ago, ahead of the CES, the same airport installed free airport-wide Wi-Fi.