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Nokia 215 vs Nokia 130: Specs Comparison

As you may have heard, Nokia today unveiled a brand spanking new budget phone, the Nokia 215.

Costing just $29 (£19), the internet-connected phone will aim to conquer the emerging market by offering the traditional, robust Nokia design along with added functionality.

But how does it compare to its predecessor, the Nokia 130? Let's have a look.


There probably wasn't a huge amount of point in me including this section, as the two devices are pretty much identical. In fact, the only real way to tell them apart is the colour.

The 215 comes in black, white and green, whereas the 130 comes in black, white and red. So, as I'm sure you can tell, Nokia has made it very easy (or not) to differentiate between the two phones.


Unfortunately for the 130, the Nokia 215 does claim a comprehensive victory in the screen department.

The 215 features a 2.4-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and a pixel density of 166 ppi. In comparison, the 130 has a 1.8-inch display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels and a pixel density of 114 ppi. The 130 can also only manage 65K colours which is dwarfed by the 256K achieved by the 215.


This is another easy win for the 215, primarily because the 130 doesn't actually have a camera. Nokia's latest offering features a VGA, 640 x 480 pixel camera that can stretch to video playback of 240p at15fps. So, obviously not the best snapper for your selfies but can you really argue when you're only paying £20?

Size & weight

There's not a huge amount of difference here in terms of size, but there is a significant weight difference in the two Nokia phones. The 130 is slightly smaller than the 215, measuring 106 x 45.5 x 13.9 mm compared to 116 x 50 x 12.9 mm. However, the 215 is a shade under 10 grams heavier than the 130, weighing in at 78.4g and 68.6g respectively.

Now, these are still small and light phones compared to the vast majority of others out there, so the size and weight difference isn't really a big deal. Unless you're after the smallest, lightest phone in the world.

Under the hood

Again, the Nokia 215 has slightly better specs all around in this area. It features a 1100 mAh battery with up to 20 hours of talktime, 8MB of RAM, a phonebook capacity of 1000 entries and a microSD slot to bring the available storage up to 32GB.

In comparison, its younger brother makes use of a 1020 mAh battery offering up to 13 hours of talktime and a phonebook capacity of only 500 entries, but does make up for it by also having a microSD slot to provide up to 32GB of storage.


So, all in all, the 215 comes out on top. Seeing as there isn't much difference in price between the two phones, it is actually a fair bit stronger than its predecessor, which I would suggest makes it a very good deal if you're in the market for this type of phone.