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Xiaomi figures show massive smartphone success in 2014

Xiaomi had an excellent last year, and the company has just released some figures to show just how much of a boom it experienced throughout 2014.

According to Engadget, the Chinese phone vendor shifted 61.1 million smartphones last year, which is more than treble the amount it managed in 2013 (which was 18.7 million units).

That’s a pretty incredible rate of expansion, and it’s not surprising that the company leapt into third position in terms of the biggest smartphone vendors in the world, according to IDC (behind only Samsung and Apple).

Profits aren’t up nearly as much, although they still went up 135 per cent last year, hitting 74.3 billion yuan (£7.8 billion), which is obviously not to be sneezed at. The company is cutting margins on its hardware, though, and pushing out handsets as cheaply as it can to gain market share – a strategy which is obviously working, and working well.

Samsung is smarting from Xiaomi’s success, particularly in China, and indeed as we reported recently, following an 8.2 per cent market share drop in the global smartphone arena, Samsung has completely re-evaluated the way it’s playing the phone market.

Xiaomi’s continued rise doesn’t look like it’s in any danger of faltering, though. Its budget range is not only selling strongly, but also the likes of the flagship Mi4 (with a 2.5GHz CPU and 3GB of RAM) have performed well, also.