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CES 2015: Euroleague Basketball will use First V1sion smart jerseys

Over at CES, First V1sion has announced that its smart jerseys will be worn by teams competing in Euroleague Basketball, Europe’s pro basketball competition which encompasses 18 different countries.

The smart jerseys boast biometric sensors, and a lightweight wearable camera which means that fans can watch the action on the court from the player’s viewpoint. Viewers will get to see full HD (1080p) footage streamed in real-time with a simultaneous live broadcast.

Trials of the system will begin during training sessions initially, but you can expect to see the smart jerseys in action when it comes to the Top 16 Euroleague games, and Final Four games later this year.

The smart shirts don’t interfere with play, and could potentially come to a range of sports aside from basketball – although basketball will certainly be a test of the quality of the footage, given the speed the game is played at. Check out the video above for a taster...

Alex Ferrer Kristjansson, director, brand & communications, Euroleague, commented: “Wearable broadcast technology will change how fans watch basketball by giving them the sensations of speed, emotion and excitement as experienced first-hand by the players on the court. Basketball is a fast-paced sport, but we believe that the First V1sion system will be more than a match for these demanding conditions, while being practically imperceptible to the players.”