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CES 2015: Seagate unwraps Personal Cloud 2-Bay and four more drives

Seagate has made multiple announcements over at CES, with five new products on offer, plus the company has rebranded with a new logo.

Okay, so product number one is the Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay, a device which hosts two drives (of up to 5TB apiece initially, but 8TB at a later date) and can be used to store all your media (or indeed SMB data) to be accessible via the cloud when you’re out and about.

The Seagate Media app can be used with the Personal Cloud 2-Bay to stream content to any device, from mobile phones to TVs, and another app provides backup functionality for your computers and mobiles. The device will be launched later this month.

Next up is the Seagate Seven, a super-slim portable hard drive which is just 7mm thick and offers 500GB of storage, which again is due out later this month priced at $100 (£66).

The Seagate Wireless is also a 500GB drive with wireless connectivity (obviously enough) which will launch in February for $130 (£85).

And the last pair of products are both from the LaCie range – the LaCie Rugged RAID and the LaCie Mirror.

The Rugged RAID is a tough portable system with two drives inside, 2TB apiece for a total of 4TB capacity (or 2TB if you opt for RAID 1 and the data backed up onto the second drive). It’ll be available in Q1 for $450 (£295), and as the name suggests, the build quality will mean this unit can take some punishment.

Finally, the LaCie Mirror is a portable hard disk (1TB) encased in Gorilla Glass with a base fashioned from ebony wood, for those who like their hardware to look flash and generally grab people’s attention. Produced in conjunction with the French designer Pauline Deltour, the aesthetically pleasing portable unit (which you can see in the image above) will emerge later this month at $280 (£185).