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It looks like the Apple Watch isn't far away

There has been much speculation about when Apple is going to release its smartwatch, with the broad timeframe of spring 2015 being punted about, although some more specific guesses have been made via the rumour mill.

And here’s another, courtesy of 9 to 5 Mac, which claims that it has sources in the know who say the Apple Watch is on schedule to be released by the end of March.

Sources also say that Apple is readying a major program to train staff up on the new smartwatch, with one or two people from every Apple store in the US being called over to Apple’s offices in Cupertino (or California, or Texas), to be given a full overview of the device (and presumably how to best sell it).

This training is scheduled for the second week of February, in plenty of time before the launch – although the sources note that the end of March date could of course slip, if Apple isn’t happy with the finished product still. It won’t launch until it’s ready by the sounds of things, which is a wise policy.

Still, it looks like we might only have just over a couple of months before the gadget is finally on shelves, and we can see whether it will really spark the smartwatch market as many analysts are claiming.

Recent predictions of Apple Watch sales numbers for 2015 have ranged from 10 million to 24 million, with Forrester believing it will help treble the number of folks using wearables by the end of the year.