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Apple working on super thin 12-inch MacBook Air

Apple is working on a brand new design for the MacBook Air, which it will debut alongside the launch of the 12-inch MacBook Air later this year, according to reputable Apple blog 9to5mac.

Codenamed the 'MacBook Stealth', 12-inch MacBook Air will feature an extremely thin design, focusing on levelling out the thinness on the notebook, instead of having a curve in size where the ports are located.


To do this, Apple will simply remove all ports deemed unnecessary. Currently the MacBook Air features the magnetic power adapter, a USB 3.0 port and a microphone port, but on the new 12-inch MacBook Air this will be reduced to a singular USB Type-C for charging and connectivity.

USB Type-C is used on tablets and ultrabooks, due to its smaller size and reversible use, meaning Apple will not be the first to adopt the technology. It will run on USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 technology, and should utilise the same reversible input.

Other features coming to the new 12-inch MacBook Air include the 'retina display', a first for the MacBook Air. Four speakers will be placed on the top of the device, alongside a crammed keyboard to save a bit of room.

The 11-inch and 13-inch models will both get upgrades to retina in 2015, along with the drop in ports.

Even though Apple is confident dropping the weight off any product is a good thing, it is unclear if battery life and usability will be put at risk due to the lack of ports and much thinner design.

Having one USB Type-C port is also questionable, as it would allow Apple to create another proprietary charging connector, sold on Apple's stores for a premium

Users have often blamed Apple for ramping up the price for charges, and making them proprietary technology so no third-party can sell them cheaper.

Since it works on the USB standard, hopefully it won't take long before third-parties are able to create something of equal value, for a lot cheaper.